What’s the best table at Summit?

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For the best table at Summit, head to the back wall to the cushy banquette, which offers comfort to spare as well as peekaboo views through the windows opposite. The tables are preferable to the ones that form a line down the middle of the dining room. If a sense of privacy tops your must-have list while dining, try the brasserieís private and semi-private options. Summitís private dining room consists of two large round tables that seat up to 11 guests per table. At the end of the restaurant is the semi-private room, perfect for a romantic dinner for two or a larger group between seven and 11. The semi-private space comes equipped with an optional pull-down screen, allowing you to remain a part of the dining atmosphere but with your own separate space.

Duane Thompson

The layout of Summit creates a long and narrow dining room so all of the tables are equally good.

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