What are the best things about Little Palm Island Resort & Spa?

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Regardless of your reason for a getaway, Little Palm Island Resort & Spa offers many elements to write home about. Here are five of the most notable:

1. Seclusion. Solace and tranquility are felt as soon as you set foot on the 5-acre island. Soft music and a few hushed voices are the only sounds you’ll hear while living the Little Palm life. The privileged guests who come to this island typically have selected it for its simple stillness, so most guests keep to themselves while enjoying the surroundings.

2. Spacious bungalows. Our bungalow boasted a living area with plenty of seating, a separate bedroom and a vanity just outside the bathroom for additional counter space for grooming. Each area offered unique Tahitian décor — hand-painted ceramic jars in the vanity, bamboo accents, floral rugs and slate-tiled showers. 

3. Accommodating staff. If you’re in the mood for an eggs Benedict at midnight, feel free to ask! Staff is happy to accommodate unique requests including private seating at the restaurant or arranging a quick in-room dining breakfast experience on the day of your departure. The quarterdeck staff serves as your go-to person for special requests at all times via your 1920’s-designed room phone.

4. Transportation. As the island is accessible only by seaplane, private yacht or the classic teak boat from the mainland, just getting to the property is an experience in itself. If you plan on arriving from the mainland, staff will place luggage into the boat and a captain will help you aboard. If you’re lucky, on the ride through the small canal, staff will point out local landmarks around the area, including a famous faux iguana that has tripped up the tourists in its frequent movements around the property it calls home.

5. The sandy beach. With plush chairs set in pairs along the edge of the water and an umbrella for needed shade on the hottest of days, the beach is a key area of the property. The pool area just behind the beach provides easy access to cocktails and snacks. If you’re up for a more adventurous day, the beach serves as the docking point for complimentary water sports such as paddleboarding and kayaking.

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