What words best describe the style of Little Palm Island Resort & Spa?

Answers from Our Experts (1)

The scenic and secluded Little Palm Island Resort & Spa brings to mind the following words:

1. Luxurious. With appointments such as crystal chandeliers and butterfly netting over the beds, the Tahitian-style décor strikes a laid-back, yet luxurious, note.  

2. Breathtaking. Little Palm Island Resort & Spa’s ambiance truly does take your breath away, with unobstructed views of the ocean from each bungalow and plenty of private seating options to enjoy scenic views from around the property. 

3. Romantic. The property is designed to give couples one-on-one time, with patio furnishings for two, seaside private dinners and plenty of nooks to simply enjoy each other’s company.

4. Natural. Lush flowering bushes reach over the edges of each bungalow’s patio, creating a natural wall between guests and the nearby pathways, without obstructing the view.  

5. Authentic. A mix of French Polynesian and Tahitian style, Little Palm Island Resort & Spa embraces its island location through its thatched roofing and palm trees strategically placed between bungalows.

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