What is the best thing to bring home from the French Riviera?

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Thomas Samph

The best thing to bring home from the French Riviera according to our Forbes Travel Guide editors is, no surprise, a food item. A bottle of olive oil, a jar of honey or some jam (check to see what you can take on a flight, as it always changes). There are a few other things you might want to pick up as well. Here’s a list of the best things to scoop up on the French Riviera:  
1. Something from one of the many markets. Be it jam, honey, soap, a sachet or even an antique, the Riviera is dotted with markets selling all kinds of enticing items. In St. Tropez, visit the tree-lined open-air market Place des Lices in the morning, when the vendors are still fully stocked with their products. While many of the vendors sell fresh fruits and vegetables, look for the local textile vendors where you can find kitchenware and clothing items from local artisans. It’s the perfect place to find small gifts like jam, honey and spreads to bring back for friends and family at home. There’s also the popular Cours Saleya in Nice.
2. Olive oil. Visit Oliviers & Co. in Cannes to taste the region’s famous olive oil production and bring some home.
3. Wine. Vence, a small commune at the foot of the Alpes between Nice and Antibes, is home to the Azur Wine Tours, where you can spend the day learning the history of the region’s wine, visiting different wineries, and of course tasting the specialties.
4. Sandals. St. Tropez is known for its fashionable sandal makers, some of which do not export their crafts. Visit K.Jacques on rue Seillon or rue Allard for a wide variety of tropezienne sandals. Though the well-known company offers their product on retail sites in the United States, you can see where they come from and choose the perfect pair.
5. Perfume. In the small town of Grasse, just outside of Cannes, visit the parfumerie Gailmard, one of the oldest perfume makers in the area to find the perfect custom scent to take home.

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