What is the design style of Four Seasons Hotel Guangzhou?

Answers from Our Experts (1)

Barbra Austin

Four Seasons Hotel Guangzhou’s bold, modern design is inspired by nature. Starting before you even enter the building, lush landscaping creates an organic feeling around the property. Skyscrapers are controlled environments — and this one is no exception — but  natural light fills every space, through the exterior, all-window facade and the 30-story atrium that rises from the lobby, bringing the sky indoors. Indeed, a cloud theme runs throughout the design, and you’ll see a few dragons flying around, too. Luxurious natural materials — copious marble, agate and glittering granite — and shining glass, chrome and lacquer lend luster. Furnishings have clean lines and graphic appeal. Contemporary artworks from around the world are on display throughout the public spaces. The building’s unique architectural fingerprint (see curved triangle facade and slanted lattice support structure) is apparent in every part of the Guangzhou hotel; the supports are incorporated into the interiors, and the curvature allows for more expansive views.

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