What kinds of massages are offered at The Ritz-Carlton Spa, Guangzhou?

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Barbra Austin

The Ritz-Carlton Spa, Guangzhou offers a range of massages to scratch every itch and untie each knot. The 30-minute Stress Zone focuses on the neck and shoulders for quick tension relief. A 60-minute Reflexology treatment works the pressure points in the feet, but its benefits are felt throughout the body. The vigorous, 90-minute Thai massage uses movement and stretching to loosen the body. The Traditional Chinese massage employs a combination of focused pressure at key points and long strokes to encourage greater energy flow within the body. Aromatherapy massages (60 or 90 minutes) exploit the benefits of essential oils while applying a gentle, soothing touch. The classic Swedish massage (60 or 90 minutes) combines long, strong movements and focused pressure to release pesky tension. Finally, the Hot Stone Therapy treatment (60 or 90 minutes) uses black granite stones, strategically placed on the body, to promote the deepest relaxation and promote healing.

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