What’s the best time to visit Fuchun Resort Hangzhou?

Answers from Our Experts (1)

Sophie Friedman

Because Fuchun Resort Hangzhou is nestled among tea fields and on a lake, circled by plenty of walking trails and greenery, the best time to visit is when you can take advantage of its natural surroundings. Luckily, no matter which season you choose, the hotel has a roster of activities that includes hiking, biking and boating. Although it can get quite hot in and around Hangzhou during the summer, many of the trails around Fuchun Resort are shaded, and it is cooler outside of the city. During spring and summer, a long bike ride among the trees or a tranquil boat trip across the boutique hotel’s lake is a lovely way to relax. In the fall, the activity list includes orange picking and sweet potato roasting, family-friendly activities that keep kids busy and fed. When the winter settles in, curl up in Hangzhou hotel’s cozy Lake Lounge and play Chinese checkers or flip through a magazine while enjoying a hot cup of locally grown longjing tea, or hop in the steamy pool for an invigorating swim.

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