What kinds of nail services are offered at The Spa At The Hotel Hershey?

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The Spa At The Hotel Hershey offers five different types or manicure and pedicure treatments, as well as special seasonal services. The Sweet Hands & Feet experience indulges you in a chocolate-centric series of steps, including a chocolate sugar exfoliation, chocolate mask for your feet, paraffin dip and chocolate-scented massage in addition to the standard manicure and pedicure. Similar treats await with the High Point Garden Hand & Foot Ritual, which uses classic aromas like jasmine and Indian frankincense; Cuban Hands & Feet options featuring mojito-spiked creams; and the Rose Garden Hands & Feet options which are laden with rose oils. Hot stone manicures and pedicures are also offered, as are a reflexology soak. You may also upgrade these treatments to private if you prefer to have the serenity of a treatment room during your visit.

Shian Wing

The spa offers nail services that include our signature collection, like our sweet hands and feet, Cuban hands and feet, and High Point Garden hands and feet treatments, as well as seasonal offerings throughout the year. Additional services include a gel manicure, reflexology foot soak, private pedicure, private manicure with relaxing massage, stone manicure and stone pedicure. The spa offers gentlemen’s manicures and pedicures that range from traditional to whisky-infused treatments, and teen services as well.

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