What words best describe the style of Hotel Icon?

Answers from Our Experts (1)

The best words we would use to describe the style of Hotel Icon are:

1. Approachable. The Forbes Travel Guide Four-Star hotel is anchored by a soaring three-story glass atrium, making it possible to see straight through the lobby to the buildings behind. With high visibility to the lounge and reception areas, the open-air lobby makes guests feel instantly at ease.

2. Contemporary. The hotel furnishings are unexpected and modern, with two rounded benches made up of integrated wooden bars in the center of the lobby, and small black upholstered poufs among them.

3. Clean. This isn’t a hotel with a lot of clutter. Sofas and armchairs are clean-lined and feature solid fabric upholstery, while a sea of gray marble and stacked-platform desks make up the lobby. A set of steps and a pair of movie spotlights lead up to the Green lounge, which is cozier with dish chairs and neon yellow banquettes.

4. Lively. It’s impossible to miss the lush and swirling living garden by Patrick Blanc, which crawls its way up three stories of one wall in the lobby. The public spaces are filled with natural light during the day, which combines with this leafy backdrop and a buzzy atmosphere to set a distinctly active tone.

5. Artsy. It’s an umbrella term, but how many hotels include its own art directory in each room? Several small and large-scale works by a roster of international artists are integrated into the hotel, such as the digitized Chinese characters printed on glass by Hong Kong artist Hung Keung.

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