What is the food presentation like at Amber?

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The food presentation at Amber is unique, creative, memorable and executed with precise attention to detail. Expect complementing colors, contrasting textures and artistic flair. For example, chef’s signature duck foie gras amuse-bouche is served as lollipops, which appear to have a hard candy shell but are actually incredibly smooth and silky to bite. And there’s a thoughtfulness involved, as well. Those lollipops at the Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star restaurant are served in conjunction with perfectly sphered Iberian pork croquettes. Your server will advise you to eat the lollipops first, followed by the croquettes — and with good reason. After the rich, velvety texture of the lollipop hits your mouth, the crispy exterior of the croquette provides a wonderful contrast, immediately followed by breaking open a warm, creamy sauce full of flavors to awaken your palate.

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