What are some key things to know about Bo Innovation?

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When dining at Bo Innovation, there are some key things that you should know about the modern Chinese restaurant. We suggest going in prepared, so keep these five things in mind:

1. The Demon Chef. If you’re not sure who chef Alvin Leung Jr. is, or what he looks like, not to worry as a Chuck Close photographic mosaic of the Demon Chef will greet you at the entrance of Bo Innovation. This self-taught chef cum ex-sound engineer is demonic in his obsession with revolutionizing Chinese cuisine, hence the self-appointed moniker Demon Chef. The larger-than-life chef’s “X-treme Chinese” uses molecular gastronomy techniques to make contemporary Chinese cuisine, the first of his compatriots to do so.

2. Perfect pairing. Each menu at the Forbes Travel Guide Recommended restaurant has an optional wine pairing for all the courses, but if you would rather limit yourself to a couple of glasses, you can order off the regular wine list. We’ll let you in on a little secret, you can also order off the wine pairing list if you ask the sommelier really nicely.

3. Going up. The dedicated elevator to Bo Innovation can be accessed from Ship Street, and opens up to the terrace. Avoid the staircase beside the lift as that only leads to the restaurant below.

4. Chef’s table. Chef Leung’s passion for food is infectious, and you’re sure to catch his zealousness, especially if you sit at the Chef’s Table where you’re personally served by the Demon Chef. He talks you through the extensive menu and even joins you for a couple of drinks. Just keep in mind that you’re confined to the Chef’s Table Menu.

5. Alfresco dining. Dining under the stars on the terrace during the cooler spring and autumn seasons is splendid. We suggest staying indoors during summer and winter, but should you choose to dine outside when the temps are high or extremely low, Bo Innovation has fans and heaters for guests to take advantage of when appropriate.

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