What are the best things to order at Bo Innovation?

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With several menu items to choose from, we’ve narrowed down the best things to order at Bo Innovation. The restaurant offers three degustation menus, the Tasting Menu, the Chef’s Menu, and the Chef’s Table Menu. The Chef’s Menu and the Chef’s Table Menu are set, but the Tasting Menu lets you pick the entrée, and has an optional add-on appetizer course featuring a seasonal ingredient such as the white truffle. Even though most of the meal is set, here are our top picks for you to look forward to:

1. Molecular xiao long bao (Shanghai-style dumpling). The menus at this Forbes Travel Guide Recommended restaurant change with the seasons, but the signature molecular xiao long bao is a staple. A flavorful pork broth is captured using a spherification technique that creates a decadent mouthful that resembles an egg yolk.

2. Mao Tai sour. All the menus start off with a sweet and sour shot of Mao Tai sour, a cocktail of Mao Tai rice wine, mixed with lime juice and a generous frothing of egg white. The tartness energizes the appetite and it makes for an interesting palate cleanser.

3. Scallop. The scallop course is a barely seared piece of Japanese scallop on a duo bed of white woba (crispy burnt rice) and sugar snap peas, swimming in a pool of Shanghainese jolo (fermented red rice vinegar) sauce.

4. Organic “Long Jiang” Chicken. This dish is part of the Chef’s Menu and is an entrée option on the Tasting Menu, but not offered on the Chef’s Table Menu. The roulade-style organic chicken rests on a bed of creamy risotto that’s bursting with chicken flavor.

5. Eggettes. This popular Hong Kong street food is given a gourmet treatment with Yunnan ham and green onions and is served in lieu of a bread basket.

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