What is the service like at Bo Innovation?

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The service at Bo Innovation is very informative as staff members meticulously explain each course, describing the main ingredients and key features, complete with visual displays. Not quite certain what the mui choy in the foie gras dish is? The server will rectify that as a jar of pickled mustard greens are brought to your table with the course. Or how about the Pat Chun Chinese vinegar used to marinate the tomato course? Your server will tell you it’s one of the last remaining local producers, with an illustrious history dating back to 1932. And then there’s also the elaborate goblet for the Mao Tai sour, the design influenced by the imperial wine cups of ancient China. Making for a complete experience, many of the menu items at Bo Innovation as well as tidbits about the tableware and Chinese and local history will be explained during your time at the Forbes Travel Guide Recommended restaurant.

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