What are the best things to order at Lung King Heen?

Answers from Our Experts (1)

With a menu as copious as Lung King Heen’s, which is located in the Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong, we’ve picked the best things for you to order. Sticking to the dishes marked as “chef’s recommendations” is a good strategy, and the servers are happy to offer advice as well. Here are our highlights from the Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star restaurant's menu:

1. Barbecue pork with honey. This is a superb example of one of the region’s greatest foods.

2. Scallops with fresh pear and Yunnan ham. A delicious exercise in contrasting textures.

3. Signature roast chicken. The crackling golden skin conceals succulent meat.

4. Crispy marinated pork loin in a fermented red bean crust. Deep fried morsels of pork are served with steamed pancakes and julienned spring onions.

5. Wok-fried prawns with black garlic and dried chili. Sweet prawns get a kick from fermented garlic and chili.

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