What words best describe the style of The Houstonian Hotel, Club and Spa?

Answers from Our Experts (1)

The Houstonian Hotel, Club and Spa covers an expansive 18 acres in the middle of the city. Here’s how we would describe the style of the hotel in just five words:

1. Rustic. Although it’s located within the city, this large property is surrounded by woods, where you can hike or just take in the lovely scenery.

2. Lodge-like. You’ll feel like you’re in a lodge as the main lobby features a large stone fireplace at the center with dark brown and natural hues throughout. Paneled walls give you an outdoorsy feel, with sailing and hunting themes. You might feel like you’re in a glamorous hunting lodge.

3. Upscale. Although the Forbes Travel Guide Four-Star hotel has a rustic feel and is set within a wooded area, it still has an upscale, luxurious vibe with staff members greeting you as you enter and offering amenities to make it a relaxing and pampering stay.

4. Warm. With all the warm hues of brown, cream, rust, red and beige, the hotel exudes a warm atmosphere. With a large stone fireplace, sleek hardwood floors and luxurious furnishings, you’ll be cozy during your stay here.

5. Traditional. Even though the hotel offers modern amenities, the furnishings and styling are more traditional and classic, standing the test of time.

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