What are the best things to order at Blue Hill at Stone Barns?

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Beyond selecting either the five-, eight- or 12-course menu, you won’t be able to make many decisions about what you’re served at Blue Hill at Stone Barns. The restaurant celebrates a farm-to-table culinary philosophy, and a majority of the ingredients served at the restaurant come from the adjacent farmland and pastures of the agricultural and educational center in Pocantico Hills, New York. Whatever’s in season on that farmland is what will turn up on your plate at this Hudson Valley eatery; there’s no set menu of appetizer, entrée and dessert options.
That being said, you can expect certain ingredients to make a showing, and here are the best things to experience at the Forbes Travel Guide Four-Star restaurant:
1. Fresh herbs. Directly behind the restaurant sits the tisane garden, where you’ll find such herbs and roots like sarsaparilla, lemon verbena and ginger, which are grown to make tea-like infusions for post-dinner. 
2. Seasonal produce. A magnificent bounty is grown in the greenhouses, including herbs like thyme, rosemary and pineapple sage, as well as fruits and vegetables ranging from juicy Purple Wonder strawberries and pea shoots in the spring to pearl drop onions and Forono beets in the fall.
3. Pickles and preserves. Pickling, curing and preserving also take place year-round, so you might find Crossabaw lardo on your butter plate and pickled ramps in your gin Gibson.  
4. Heirloom meats. The farm also raises livestock, including Berkshire and Tamworth pigs, broad breasted white turkeys and veal calves, which all make their way into delectable entrées, while Dutch Belted cows provide milk for the kitchen.
5. Foraged foods. Some ingredients, such as stinging nettles and fiddlehead ferns, are foraged in nearby forests, and foods that can’t be produced at Stone Barnes, such as salmon or other seafood, are purchased from local and/or sustainable producers.

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