What is the service like at Blue Hill at Stone Barns?

Answers from Our Experts (1)

Service at Blue Hill at Stone Barns is highly polished and professional, without a whiff of condescension. Servers are extremely well trained in how the kitchen prepares each dish and offer helpful explanations before you begin to order. Given the Forbes Travel Guide Four-Star restaurant’s farm-to-table philosophy, they’ll often bring fresh ingredients like a dirt-covered parsnip or pale blue, just-laid eggs to the table and describe how they're harvested or cultivated, if you're interested. More importantly, they'll help you understand how they’ll be used in an upcoming dish. The main dining room features a cadre of highly attentive waiters who strive to anticipate your needs by filling your water glass before it’s empty, offering helpful tips and insight about both the food and cocktail menus, and ensuring your comfort.

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