What is the design style of One Ocean Resort & Spa?

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As you might have been able to guess from the hotel’s name, One Ocean Resort & Spa features a design style that perfectly captures the tranquility and fluidity of marine life. Throughout the Atlantic Beach resort, you’ll find shell-like sculptures and decorative elements, from sea glass and porcelain wall art in the spa to the seaweed-inspired sculpture-fountain from artist Joe Simmons that commands attention in the lobby to the elegant brown blown glass installations by Justin Ginsberg lining the hallways. From your bedroom to the lobby to even the gym, the Forbes Travel Guide Four-Star hotel is awash in shades of turquoise, azure, cream and light brown, creating a calming, coastal setting in which to kick back and relax. Don’t miss the entrance to the hotel’s signature restaurant, Azurea, which recalls an underwater tunnel lined with rock sculptures and an elegant mobile at the end that resembles a swimming school of fish. When you stay at One Ocean Resort & Spa, you’re not just residing at a hotel by the ocean, you’re embodying the essence of ocean living. 

Angie Orth

At One Ocean Resort & Spa, the design reflects a serene, modern, ocean-inspired retreat. From the open and airy grand entrance to the sweeping views of endless white sands and sea, the luxury resort is at once authentic, elegant and inviting. Splashes of azure, turquoise and pearl highlight modern touches like blown glass sculptures, sparkling chandeliers and artistic installments crafted from polished seashells. Every aspect of design evokes the feeling of being surrounded by water, including a gorgeous, seemingly otherworldly passage leading to Azurea and its view of the Atlantic Ocean. On the ground floor, you’ll even find a gallery of featured photography.

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