What are five things to know about Azurea?

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If you haven’t brushed up on your knowledge of the Jacksonville area dining scene, here are five things you should know about Azurea, the signature restaurant located at One Ocean Resort & Spa:

1. Expect global flavors. While you’ll undoubtedly find Floridian fare (cobia, mahi mahi, citrus, mangoes and more), you’ll see that the menu at Azurea spans Latin American dishes, the heart of Dixie and even Asia. It’s fusion food, for sure, but it doesn’t feel forced.

2. One reason it’s so international? Chef Ted Peters has cooked his way across the globe, having wielded knives from England and France to St. John in the Virgin Islands to Miami and Washington D.C. and more. 

3. If you want to dine outside, eat early. Not only will eating early ensure that you can catch the dazzling sunset over the Atlantic Ocean, know that the Forbes Travel Guide Recommended restaurant actually can’t illuminate the outdoor patio, as the lights will lure the local sea turtles away from their natural habitats.

4. In addition to its signature appetizers, entrées, simply grilled items and side dishes, Azurea offers a five-course Adventurous Palate tasting menu which features items like pan-seared foie gras and yam gnocchi. It goes for $85, but the better deal is $105 for the menu with wine pairings.

5. Expect lots of little extras. The bread service here is fantastic, with three types of freshly baked loaves and flat breads and four spreads like red pepper hummus, roasted garlic, fresh butter and herbs, and olive oil and balsamic. You’ll also get a flavorful amuse bouche to begin your meal and delectable mignardises upon its completion. With so many little extras, you might not even need to order an appetizer. But that wouldn’t be any fun now, would it?

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