What is the food presentation like at Azurea?

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The food presentation at Azurea is detailed and creative, with several components, garnishes and sauces being featured in each dish — it’s definitely not minimalist, less-is-more plating. Because there’s so much underway, the presentation can occasionally look a little chaotic, but it’s definitely colorful, with baby greens, whole mint leaves and brightly colored fruit and vegetable accents adding vibrancy to the plate. Most dishes are served on solid white or glass plates to let the cuisine’s colors shine, and you’ll likely find several different components to a dish, say a dessert of stacked logs of shortbread atop a strawberry sauce, served with a basil semifreddo and garnished with sliced blackberries. At the Forbes Travel Guide Recommended restaurant, your senses will definitely be engaged, both by the vivid blues and greens and glass art that make up the animated décor as well as by the imaginative, lively food presentation.

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