What is the locker room like at the gym at The Raphael Hotel?

Answers from Our Experts (1)

You won’t actually find any locker rooms at the gym at Forbes Travel Guide Four-Star Raphael Hotel, but you’ll find men’s and women’s restrooms just outside the fitness room in the hallway. Since it’s a boutique hotel, The Raphael in Kansas City doesn’t have a spa or an incredibly large fitness center. It was originally built as a European style apartment building in the 1920s, and only converted into a boutique hotel in 1975. Since there’s no spa or pool, a locker room wasn’t part of the original plans. Actually, since the hotel is so compact, we didn’t find a locker room necessary since we could get cleaned up in our nearby hotel room. You will find towels, water and snacks in the fitness center though, to tide you over until you can hit the showers.

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