What are five things I should know about The American Club?

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As a Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star hotel, you can count on outstanding service and a luxurious experience when visiting The American Club. Here are a few things you should know about this distinctive place:
1. The entire building which houses the spa, known as the Carriage House, has a no-kids policy. Children are welcome in the main building but the spa and Carriage House rooms cater to girlfriends on spa weekends, guys and gals on golf trips, and couples seeking a romantic getaway. It’s an indulge-y kind of place (think: wine receptions in your spa robe). But…
2. Just because you spent a pampered weekend here pre-kids doesn’t mean you can’t come back. The American Club recently launched a kids’ program to attract families. Kids get toys, baseball caps and other goodies, plus free meals and bike rentals. The entire family also gets a free pass to the Sports Core, where there’s an indoor pool. For a fee, you can participate in a slew of activities, from horseback riding to tennis. There’s also a camp every Saturday from noon-4 p.m. for kids aged 4-12, which provides professional childcare while you spend the day at the spa or golf course.
3. The American Club is a tucked-away resort, so you won’t find the tech perks here that you might at larger, more urban hotels. The rooms do not include DVD players (although they can be borrowed from the front desk) and iPads and e-readers are not available for loan. We recommend fully enjoying the countryside setting by leaving your gadgets behind but if you really can’t live without them, considered yourself notified. There is Wi-Fi so it’s not that tucked away.
4. The Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star hotel is about a two-and-a-half hour drive from Chicago and a one-hour drive from Milwaukee. And while you’ll find lots to do and plenty of variety in terms of restaurants, it’s more of a long weekend getaway than an extended vacation.
5. The American Club used to be the Kohler workers’ dorm and, today, it’s on the National Register of Historic Places. It’s kept up to date but its village charm is part of its appeal. Most guest rooms have a traditional décor that incorporates furniture and tile work from sister-companies Baker and Ann Sacks, respectively. Bathrooms obviously have all the latest but the overall vibe is old-world and relaxed.

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