What is the service like at The Immigrant Restaurant?

Answers from Our Experts (1)

Food writer Sara Dickerman once noted that good wait staff “swim about like benevolent sharks, eerily sensing your needs.” Let’s just say the servers at The Immigrant Restaurant have mastered this. The Forbes Travel Guide Four-Star restaurant’s staffers are well-versed in every dish on the menu — and just about every ingredient contained within. Feel free to quiz your server on which nearby farm provided a certain cheese, for example, and you may end up hearing an interesting anecdote about the cheesemaker’s family history.
Similarly, the wine steward’s spot-on recommendations take into account preferences for taste, varietal or region, and price. Better yet, he explains the wines’ profiles in smart but straightforward terms that don’t require a sommelier’s certificate to comprehend.
Savvy guests can sense when a restaurant staff’s knowledge comes from passion and intellectual curiosity, not from rote memorization alone. It’s evident that the staff’s balance of professionalism and warmth comes from genuine enthusiasm.

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