What kind of aromatherapy massage is offered at Kohler Waters Spa?

Answers from Our Experts (1)

Kohler Waters Spa specifically designates only one of its services, the aromatherapy massage, as an aromatherapy treatment. But like the ancient Greeks who thought the use of various essential oils could influence mood and health, the spa incorporates scents into many of its offerings, from wraps to facials and massages. But if you’re looking for a treatment where the art of aromatherapy is the centerpiece, opt for the 80-minute aromatherapy massage: Your therapist will begin by asking a few questions to determine your wellness needs, and then create a custom cocktail of essential oils to address your issues. Be sure to ask the therapist or the booking agent about specific aromatherapy techniques to see what’s included with your treatment of choice at the Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star spa.

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