What is Le Rêve's theater like?

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Part of the experience of attending a performance of Le Rêve at Wynn Las Vegas is walking into the magnificent theater, where the slight chill in the air from the watery stage sets an exotic mood. The inside of the theater is a round circle since the performance is theater-in-the-round. Glancing up, you’ll see a stunning maroon and gold ceiling that we found to be reminiscent of a gypsy’s tent. Before each performance, the water is covered in a light layer of steam and tranquil bird noises play in the background. The entire theater features plush maroon velvet seats that are quite comfortable. Those who opt for the VIP package will enjoy plush lounger seats in the back.

Michelle Doucette

The first word that comes to mind when describing Le Rêve’s specially constructed theater-in-the-round is “intimate.” The Wynn Las Vegas team is so committed to creating a personal theater experience for each guest, in fact, that they shuttered the show for a month in 2007 for a redesign that removed almost 500 seats. Today, every seat is within 42 feet of the aquatic stage, which is pretty impressive for a massive show that features 92 performers and 82-foot high dives — and one that goes through 800 towels each day.

When you first enter Le Rêve, the theater’s ceiling is covered in silky maroon and gold fabric for a tent-like feel, and thick steam is rising from the water. But neither effect will remain for long. (Don’t worry — the finale’s ceiling piece is even more dramatic.) About the only constant in the theater is the 1.1-million-gallon centerpiece pool; every other set piece, from fountains to fires to a giant suspended lamppost, is dynamic. As the divers, dancers, aerialists and synchronized swimmers perform their exhilarating numbers, the theater performs its own quick changes.

Meanwhile, you’ll be comfortable in a plush seat — though you may be perched on the edge of it, given the death-defying aerials in front of you. The best seats in the house are actually in the back row, aka the VIP circle. Here you’re served Perrier-Jouët champagne, chocolate-covered strawberries and chocolate truffles as you watch the show. Monitors at your feet display behind-the-scenes action; they alternate between different shots, including underwater views in which you can spy divers assisting performers as they breathe with regulators.

It’s well worth seeing Le Rêve if you’re staying at the Forbes Travel Guide Four-Star Wynn Las Vegas or Encore at Las Vegas, or anywhere in Las Vegas, for that matter. Between the über-comfortable theater and the supersized performance, your expectations will be exceeded.

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