What is the dress code at Tryst?

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The dress code at Tryst at Wynn Las Vegas is strictly enforced and does not allow hats, oversized jeans or athletic wear. There are other unspoken don’ts, so be aware.
Contrary to what you might think, it’s harder for men to dress the part and get past the rope than for women, so we’ll start with the guys. Untucked collared shirts are a standard, so you may want to change it up with a different patterned shirt, a nice sports coat or a skinny tie. Certain aspects of the “sophisticated hipster” look are appearing more and more in the clubs. When our Forbes Travel Guide editors visited, we even spotted a guy in a full plaid suit – and he was rocking it. But leave that stylish band tee shirt at home, unless you plan on pairing it with a nice jacket.
Go trendy with your pants, think H&M or Zara. Don’t scoff at the baggy jeans rule — you will absolutely not get into a hot Vegas nightclub like Tryst low riding your denim, unless perhaps you are part of a group with a table or you’re on the promotion’s list, but even then you shouldn’t out of respect for the venue. Nice jeans always work — just avoid the Jersey Shore ripped look. As for shoes, you’re always safe with leather. Lately we’ve been seeing a lot of the sophisticated hipster styles — Ben Sherman or Urban Outfitters.
Ladies will always get past the rope in a sexy little dress and nice heels (shoe gazing takes on a whole different meaning here when you see heights of some of the heels). Keep in mind that you shouldn’t be taking off your shoes in the club or in the casino, so make sure you’ve broken in those Jimmy Choos. Experienced clubbers carry a slim pair of flip flops in a clutch, or leave them in the car.
Be prepared to party the night away surrounded by sexy ladies and sleek gentlemen in this casual chic club.

Laura Janelle Downey

If you’re planning on partying till the wee hours of the morning at Tryst nightclub, which is located inside of Forbes Travel Guide Four-Star Wynn Las Vegas, be sure to dress the part. Women should wear a sexy dress with standout heels or opt for a chic blouse and skirt if you want to increase your chances of not waiting in a long line outside of the popular hotspot. Men should come in a long-sleeve button-down shirt, slacks (or a nice pair of jeans) and loafers — the door hosts will not let you into Tryst if you have on baggy jeans, T-shirts and hats. My recommendation is to dress it up and then dance the night away with friends in front of the nightclub’s famed 100-foot waterfall.

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