The hardest decision you’ll have to make at XS (besides what to wear) is whether to settle down in a VIP booth in the nightclub or in a cabana on the patio surrounding the Encore pool. XS sprawls over more than 40,000 square feet of indoor and outdoor space and is considered one of the Las Vegas Strip’s hottest spots. Chandeliers and floor lamps set the rich gold and bronze décor aglow, while mirrored mosaics and crocodile-embossed booths add glitz. Bottle service is a requisite to reserve a table anywhere near the dance floor, which is always crowded but rarely unpleasantly jammed. If you’re looking to live large, order the signature drink, the Ono, which includes a white gold necklace and sterling silver cufflinks along with the champagne and cognac cocktail. (Just be sure you have the $10,000 to foot the bill.)