What five words describe the style of Encore at Wynn Las Vegas?

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We suggest you experience the style of Encore at Wynn Las Vegas yourself since it is multi-faceted and full of sensory details. Let’s just say the hotel fits in extremely well in Sin City. Here are the five words we would use to describe the style of Encore.

1. Modern. Though modern is an awfully limiting adjective, Encore’s style leans towards contemporary. Minimalist artwork, all-white bed linens and furnishings with clean lines and European flair makes the suites within the hotel feel more modern than traditional. Still, it’s hard to label the hotel’s décor as merely modern, as it’s much more three-dimensional than that.

2. Bold. Public spaces and restaurants at Encore are undeniably bold and exaggerated for effect with details like the butterfly design on the giant crimson carpet in the lobby. Lanterns, seven-foot ivory vases, giant Buddha statues and red walls makes the Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star Spa at Encore feel deeply dramatic, and the giant crystal dragon hanging on the wall at the restaurant Wazuzu is over-the-top in the best way possible.

3. Sophisticated. We love that Encore doesn’t sacrifice sophistication for playfulness. It actually blends the two styles. In many of the suites you’ll find a houndstooth pattern in trays and other accessories, a classic black-and-white piped sofa and a blond wooden desk with brass edges. Overhead, Capiz shell chandeliers are both subtle and whimsical.

4. Worldly. Interior designer Todd Avery-Lenahan drew inspiration from Versailles, Morocco and Asia when he decorated the Forbes Travel Guide Four-Star hotel. All of these influences are apparent, from the European-style pool to the Asian- and Moroccan-style spa lobby.

5. Eclectic. There’s truth in what people have been saying: both Encore and Wynn Las Vegas are uniquely Steve Wynn. His design style doesn’t adhere to any particular look; the Las Vegas hotel has a lot of personality. 

Brian Gullbrants

The five words I would use to describe Encore Las Vegas are:

1. Intimate

2. Sophisticated

3. Cultured

4. Festive

5. Personal

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