What five words describe the style of Skylofts at MGM Grand?

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It can be hard to pin down the look of Skylofts at MGM Grand, since stunning details fill everything from your guest room to the lobby at the Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star hotel. But here’s our list of the five words to describe its style:

1. Chic. Maybe it’s the fact that you enter on the 29th-floor lobby or that it’s an exclusive hotel within another hotel, but there’s no denying that the sleek interior design and personalized service exude a sense of chic.

2. Comfortable. Not all modern décor has to be uncomfortable. Inside the Las Vegas hotel, you’ll find earth-tone colors, plush bedding and a slew of amenities right at your fingertips.

3. Contemporary. The hotel provides just the right amount of modern aesthetic without being stuffy, incorporating certain contemporary elements, such as soothing tones, comfy furniture and top-notch service.

4. Urban. Designed by Tony Chi, the Five-Star hotel evokes the feeling of a Manhattan-style loft. You’ll feel right at home with high-tech gadgets, soft linens and a luxurious limestone bathroom and infinity tub.

5. Funky. Don’t let the word scare you; we don’t mean funky in a bad way. There’s something subtly cool about the entire space, from the corridor of shiny blue glass when you first walk in to the lobby’s nightly transformation into a cocktail lounge.

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