What is the work space like in a regular room at The Palazzo Resort Hotel Casino?

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The work space in a regular room at The Palazzo Hotel Resort Casino gives you everything you’d need to stay productive while on the road. The desk in the Luxury Suites, the lowest-tier room, sits by the window, facing into the living room area. You’ll find an upholstered wood chair and a glass-topped wooden desk. On the desk, you’ll see pamphlets, a binder listing the various restaurant and entertainment options, a card with a resort map, and a pen and notepad next to the telephone. Next to the phone you’ll also see an Ethernet hub, which lets you hardwire into an Internet connection. Behind the desk sits an all-in-one printer, scanner and fax machine.

For any other work-related needs, you can always head down to the business center of the Forbes Travel Guide Four-Star hotel, which provides more printing and copying services, laptop and computer rentals, and pay-by-the-minute workstations. And if you don’t feel like trudging all the way there, simply call down and have more services arranged for you to pick up or have delivered to your room.

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