What words best describe the style of The Palazzo Resort Hotel Casino?

Answers from Our Experts (1)

If we had to describe the design style of The Palazzo Resort Hotel Casino in five words, here are the ones we would go with:

1. Luxurious. The Palazzo and luxury go hand-in-hand. You’ll find high-end touches in the room décor and furnishings as well as throughout the whole design of the hotel. Look for marble flooring and crystal chandeliers.

2. Glamorous. The Palazzo has a glamorous feel to it. With a gorgeous grand lobby with a beautiful floral structure at the center, you’ll find all the opulence of Vegas but in a less flamboyant way than at other resorts on the Strip.

3. Sophisticated. This hotel is sophisticated and perfect for the person who wants to stay somewhere a bit more quiet and more subdued, where you’ll still get that Vegas feel but with class and sophistication and less commotion.

4. Comfortable. The Palazzo’s guest rooms are all suites, offering plenty of space to spread out and enjoy your stay. Rooms are stocked with plush furnishings, incredibly comfortable beds and bedding and deep-soaking tubs. You’ll be more than relaxed here.

5. Spacious. As we said above, the suites are spacious. Suites feel more like a small apartment. You’ll be able to spread out and you’ll find plenty of room throughout the hotel to walk freely and not get bombarded by other visitors.

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