What words would you use to describe the style of Trump International Hotel Las Vegas?

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Words that describe the style of the Trump International Hotel Las Vegas are:

1. Glamorous. Guests arrive in a driveway on quiet Fashion Show Drive, and upon entering the hotel, guests are taken by its glamorous appeal, namely the crystal lighting fixtures, floral wallpaper, and wide open and clean, casino-free lobby. In the public space of the hotel, crystals are a unifying factor.

2. Tranquil. While most of the décor in the 60-plus floor hotel is anchored by earthy neutral tones, rich purples and reds are used as pops of color and pizzazz.

3. Mysterious. There is enormous amount of space in the public areas (comfortable seating near the elevators and in the lobby lounge), yet there are still tucked away, private places to hold meetings and conversations at the same time, such as in the business center and in seating areas in DJT restaurant.

4. Feminine. When approaching the property, guests arrive in a driveway on quiet Fashion Show Drive, which has unmistakable female appeal, and upon entering the hotel, guests notice crystal lighting fixtures, floral wallpaper and red accents that promote softness.

5. Modern. The hotel is a 64-story tower of glass set against the backdrop of the surrounding mountains — every room includes floor-to-ceiling windows to take advantage of the views.

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