What is Wynn Las Vegas' turndown service like?

Answers from Our Experts (2)

The exceptional turndown service at Wynn Las Vegas will welcome you in for the night with dimmed lights, drawn curtains and soft music playing from the TV. A pair of slippers is placed on a cloth on the floor beside each bed and your plush robe will be hanging in the bathroom. You’ll find creamy Chewters Belgian chocolates on your nightstand and, if you happen to leave a book beside your bed, you may return to find a specially designed Wynn Las Vegas bookmark left for you. You’ll also find your room stocked with bottled water and a fresh supply of ice. Although this turndown service comes at no cost to you, it’s only available in the Forbes Travel Guide Four-Star hotel’s guest rooms by request.

Brian Gullbrants

During turndown service your room is refreshed and amenities are replenished. The bed is turned down, drapes and sheers are drawn closed and the television channel is set to reflect an evening mood.

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