Does Bouchon have a kids menu?

Answers from Our Experts (1)

Bouchon doesn’t offer a kids menu, but the French bistro does an admirable job of accommodating your children, especially during breakfast. In the morning, children can order waffles, Cheerios and Fruit Loops if the traditional French fare doesn’t suit them. Though the à la carte offerings include enough options that kids should be able to find something that agrees with their palates, even if the dish has a fancy French name. For example, breakfast offers a variety of pastries, including cheese Danishes, banana nut muffins, pecan sticky buns and pain au chocolat. The croque madame can come without the fried egg or Mornay sauce, giving kids a more basic ham and cheese sandwich. Of course, they’ll still want dessert; kid-friendly treats include the classic profiteroles and the always-a-winner ice cream. So while Bouchon may not have a dedicated kids menu, the little ones will have no problem keeping themselves happy and full during a meal at the French bistro.

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