What is the price range for a meal at Bouchon?

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The price range of a meal at Bouchon really depends on when you dine there. Costs fluctuate from breakfast and weekend brunch to lunch and dinner at the French bistro.

Breakfast at the Las Vegas restaurant will set you back anywhere between $12 and $25 per plate, with dishes such as the Bouchon French toast, oeuf au gratin du jour and the croque madame as house specialties. Brunch items run about the same price, between $12 and $33.50. For something lighter, choose from a wide selection of pastries, breads, fruits and yogurts at both breakfast and brunch. After 11 a.m., the brunch offerings also include a belly-busting Grand Plateau of seafood teeming with lobster, 16 oysters, eight shrimp, eight clams, 10 mussels, seasonal crab and a special selection for $110.

Aside from morning offerings, the menu at Bouchon is broken up into traditional French categories (written in French, of course): seafood, salads, entrées, caviar, hors d’oeuvres, cheeses, desserts and sides. Entrées will cost you anywhere from $18 for the tartine du jour (sandwich of the day) up to $36.75 for the steak frites, a traditional flatiron steak served with French fries. And you can certainly put together quite a bill if you add in caviar ($135 for 50 grams), or any of the higher-end seafood dishes, cheese and desserts. But generally, you’ll spend about $30 to $50 per person at Bouchon and still get a good taste for chef Thomas Keller’s French cuisine.

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