Does CUT have any special or rare liquors?

Answers from Our Experts (1)

Head sommelier Lindsey Whipple-Fletcher puts together a well-rounded list of wines and spirits at CUT, and there’s no lack of special and rare liquors to satisfy even the pickiest connoisseur. CUT has a fine selection of single-malt Scotches, including a Glenmorangie 25 year. The aromatic Licor 43, a Spanish liquor with a distinctly vanilla-and-citrus flavor, will tickle your palate. Crème Yvette, a liqueur made from Parma violet petals, vanilla and other spices, was out of production for nearly 40 years before Charles Jacquin et Cie began producing the spirit again; you can get a taste of it at this steakhouse. CUT also has some single-bottle bourbons, such as a Willet Hirsch, produced just for the types who enjoy a few rare fingers with a rare steak.

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