What are five things I should know about CUT?

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If you’re dreaming of a perfectly cooked ribeye or a plate full of Kobe sliders, head to CUT, stat. For more reasons to book a reservation, check out our top five things to know about the steakhouse:

1. You should bring your appetite. This is not the place to order something light. The star menu items feature savory beef and meats, such as the black Angus ribeye from Creekstone Farms in Kansas.

2. Wolfgang Puck is a genius. The restaurant’s proprietor, Wolfgang Puck, earned a reputation world-round for inventive, flavorful food. CUT is no exception, taking steakhouse favorites and adding a touch of flair to make each dish special. The creamed spinach dish has fried organic egg folded in to it.

3. You can walk in. Grab a seat in the lounge at the front of the restaurant and order signature appetizers, such as the Kobe beef sliders, sans reservation.

4. The mustards kill it. Mustards must mean a lot to Wolfgang Puck. We were offered four kinds of mustard to try with our meal (though we’re purists when it comes to steak), including Dijon, homemade whole grain and “violet” mustard, made with cabernet grapes.

5. The Wagyu beef is a must-try. CUT specializes in Wagyu beef, some of the very best cuts money can buy. The eatery has both 100 percent Australian Wagyu ribeye, as well as crossbreed American Wagyu/Angus “Kobe style” steaks.

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