What are the five best things to order at CUT?

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Every restaurant has its signature items — things it does especially well. CUT certainly prepares its own share show-stopping dishes, and we’ve narrowed them down to the five best:

1. Bone marrow flan. This is far from your traditional, sweet flan. The savory starter comes served inside bones, along with a mushroom marmalade on the side and a parsley salad on top. A little spoon helps you scoop the creamy delight out, and a brioche served on the side helps to sop up all the extra little bits.

2. Creamed spinach. The restaurant’s signature side won’t fill you up too much, so it’s great for when you’re having a substantial steak. Your server will fold an organic fried egg into this platter tableside.

3. Wild field mushrooms and Japanese shisito peppers. This is an ideal complement to your steak, with just enough kick to turn your palate around between bites of beef.

4. American Wagyu/Angus: Whether you choose the 6-ounce filet, 9-ounce ribeye or 8-ounce New York sirloin, each morsel of these steaks from Snake River Farms, Idaho, makes you want to savor every last minute of your meal.

5. Banana cream pie. CUT adds its own spin to the classic dessert, which comes in three parts: a rectangular pie slice, a scoop of fudgesicle ice (a chocolate gelato), and a stripe of chocolate sauce speckled with valrhona pearls.

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