Does Joël Robuchon have a kids' menu?

Answers from Our Experts (1)

You won'€™t find a kids'€™ menu at Joël Robuchon —€” this is not a place to order a grilled cheese or chicken nuggets. Unless your child shows a precocious interest in fine dining, the elegant Las Vegas restaurant isn'€™t well-suited to kids; we think of it as something of a temple to gastronomy. The menus, ranging from two to 16 courses, cost up to $385 per person and include intricate French dishes like bone marrow and vegetable ragout with corn and spices. The dining experience can take several hours, and while that appeals to adults, it may be tough to keep your child'€™s attention for such a long meal. Additionally, Joël Robuchon requires that children be at least five years old to dine in the Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star restaurant.

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