Are there any signature desserts at Mizumi?

Answers from Our Experts (1)

Cindy Pearlman

Mizumi at Wynn Las Vegas offers a few signature desserts for diners who want to end their Japanese meal with a little sweet treat. One great choice is pineapple tempura served with spiced caramel sauce and pineapple and lime sorbets. There’s also the caramel-and-green-tea crème brûlée, which is a light finish to the meal — plus it can be shared. The calamansi mousse is finished with white-sesame shortbread and white-chocolate sauce. For those who want more of a traditional dessert with a twist, order the chocolate cake served with yuzu caramel and banana sorbet. You can also enjoy a selection of mochi ice cream in flavors including green tea, red bean and vanilla mango.

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