What are five things I should know about Wing Lei?

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You can elevate your Asian dining experience at Wing Lei inside Wynn Las Vegas. Enjoy flavorful Chinese cuisine in a rich setting infused with red and gold hues throughout the Las Vegas restaurant. Here are five things you should know about the Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star restaurant:

1. It’s fine dining. Wing Lei is one of two Chinese restaurants at Wynn. Where Red 8 is more casual, Wing Lei is a fine-dining experience, with many traditional and authentic Chinese dishes on the menu.

2. Try the tea. Wing Lei features a premium tea selection ranging from $4 to $13 per person for varieties such as Jasmine Pearl (sweet floral bouquet) and Tung Ting Oolong (aged dark tea with a fresh, after-rain aroma).

3. Pick the Peking duck. Wing Lei's specialty is Peking duck, and for a real treat try the Imperial Peking duck tasting for $88 per person, $133 per person with a wine pairing, which includes table-carved Peking duck, duck wonton soup, wok-fried duck, duck chow mein, Peking duck salad and a dessert of the day.

4. Bring an entourage. While Wing Lei is a romantic restaurant, there are plenty of great four and six-person tables, with the atmosphere being friendly, inviting and enchanting, making it a great place to enjoy with others.

5. Dress appropriately. Wing Lei is a trendy restaurant with a regal atmosphere. Business casual dress is befitting, and you'll probably feel great in a dress or a suit.

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