What are the best things to order at Wing Lei?

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While there are two Chinese restaurants located inside of Wynn Las Vegas, Wing Lei offers the resort’s only fine dining option. The best things to order when you’re at the Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star restaurant are:

1. The Peking duck tasting menu. Since Wing Lei's specialty is Peking duck, the must-have there is the Imperial Peking duck tasting for $88 per person ($133 per person with a wine pairing), which includes table-carved Peking duck, duck wonton soup, wok-fried duck, duck chow mein, Peking duck salad and a dessert of the day.

2. Tea. Wing Lei features a premium tea selection ranging from $4 to $13 per person. Varieties include the Jasmine Pearl (sweet floral bouquet), the Pu Erh Old King (aged dark tea with a fresh, after-rain aroma), the Tung Ting Oolong (semi-fermented with a mild floral fragrance), the Silver Needle (highest level of antioxidants and light delicate flavor) and the Te Kuan Yin Classic (the “Iron Goddess of Mercy” with a distinct clover scent).

3. Honey-glazed barbecue spare ribs. Accompanied by a green papaya salad, these ribs are tender, and seem to meld both Asian and American barbecue techniques harmoniously.

4. Mochi ice cream. This delicious Japanese rice cake dessert comes in mango, red bean, green tea and vanilla flavors..

5. Braised eggplant. As one of the side dishes offered, the braised eggplant comes with minced pork, mushrooms and a soy reduction, plus the flavors are as complex as any main dish on the menu.

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