What is the food presentation like at Wing Lei?

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The food presentations at Wing Lei inside Wynn Las Vegas are interesting, neatly composed and carefully considered. This is because the presentations at this Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star restaurant include varied heights and color contrasts. For example, the garlic beef tenderloin is layered in a neat heap on the plate, the rich brown color of the tenderloin offset by the crisp, green color of the asparagus underneath it and the green garnish on top. Spicy scallops are arranged neatly on the plate and covered in red, Szechuan-like sauce. There are hints of the scallops' white hue and varying yellow and orange tints from the vegetables under the sauces. Food presentations within single dishes include texture contrasts as well. For example, the Peking duck salad, a specialty for which the restaurant is known, features the crispy, yet juicy texture of the duck against a crispy wonton bowl. And the tender garlic short ribs are juxtaposed by the crunchy asparagus that rests underneath them on the plate.

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