What are the locker rooms like at Canyon Ranch SpaClub?

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The locker rooms in Canyon Ranch SpaClub at The Venetian & The Palazzo comprise three separate locker partitions, along with showers, mirrors, sinks and toiletries. Each area consists of two half-height lockers taking up each vertical column, and inside each locker you’ll find a robe, along with hooks and dividers to hang and store your clothes and shoes. Access lockers via a magnetic key that you simply touch to the lock to open; you’ll be assigned a key that’s attached to a rubber bracelet. Leather seats rest in the middle of each locker area, giving you a place to sit while you pull off or put on shoes and socks. And at the far end of each locker area, you’ll discover a vanity mirror with lotions, deodorant and hair products.

Adjacent to the lockers at the Forbes Travel Guide Four-Star spa, you’ll see two U-shaped areas with sinks and mirrors, with all the toiletries you could need, including soaps, lotions, hair products and deodorants, as well as shaving cream, razors and aftershave for the guys. Tissues, cotton swabs and mouthwash round out the amenities, with plenty of towels in every direction. The showers are pretty simple, with nine stalls altogether. Each stall has pump bottles of shampoo, conditioner and body wash, along with a small area where you can hang your robe and towels.

Once you walk past the locker rooms, you’ll enter the Canyon Ranch SpaClub relaxation areas, which offer a host of other amenities for you to enjoy — but that’s an entirely separate experience from the locker rooms themselves.

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