What’s the latest treatment offered at Canyon Ranch SpaClub?

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Canyon Ranch SpaClub at The Venetian & The Palazzo’s latest treatment, Canyon Ranch Healthy Feet, specializes in, what else, helping you achieve optimal foot health. The list of services will surprise you, beginning with a 25-minute gait analysis that studies the biomechanics of your stride, followed by recommendations on orthotics to help you improve posture, alleviate pain and stop abnormal wear on your shoes. If you’re looking more for a traditional treatment, you can choose from the All-Star Treatment for athletes, which helps ease leg muscles, strained I.T. bands, shin splints and tendinitis. Or, you can opt for the signature foot and lower-leg rejuvenation, which helps reduce swelling and improve circulation through a warm herbal soak, deep oscillation and expert massage. Other foot treatments at the Forbes Travel Guide Four-Star spa include the Healthy in Heels, Healthy on Your Feet, Instant Relief, Foot Rescue and Foot Doctor Express, all with techniques that help you relieve the pain and stress in your lower half. Be sure to ask the staff at Canyon Ranch SpaClub any questions you may have concerning any of the Healthy Feet treatments so you can get the massage and therapies that best suit your ten toes.

Here are some of the latest treatments offered at Canyon Ranch SpaClub:
Canyon Ranch Healthy Feet: Developed in partnership with Dr. Glenn Copeland, the center is the first of its kind wholly devoted to advanced foot and healthy comfort.
Complete Gait Analysis: A video analysis of gait on a specially equipped treadmill, computerized assessment of the biomechanics of the feet while walking across an orthotics mat. Includes review and recommendation for orthotics, if indicated. Seven unique foot and leg therapies specifically designed with the guest’s lifestyle in mind — focused on the athlete,  road warrior who travels or spends too much time standing, high-heal wearer, chronic pain relief, and restoration of feet and nails.

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