What's the scenery like on Nemacolin Woodlands Resort's golf courses?

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Nemacolin Woodland Resort's two golf courses are tucked away in Pennsylvania's Laurel Highlands. Your golf game will benefit from the smooth fairways, but watch out for the tall grass, thick woods and lakes that frame the gorgeous courses. If you feel like your game is spiraling down the drain, take a breath and soak in some of the unrivaled views of the Allegheny region of the Appalachian Mountains — if that doesn’t calm you down, we don’t know what will. Some of the scenery creeps its way onto the gently rolling hills of the green, with rocks and water figuring prominently as challenges for several holes on the resort's original golf course, The Links.

Brian Anderson

Nemacolin Woodlands Resort’s 36 holes of championship golf are sculpted through the Laurel Highlands of Pennsylvania, where rocks and water naturally come into play on several holes. Deep woods, high rough and lakes surround the beautiful fairways with majestic views of the Alleghenies. Both courses are adorned with original artwork, including bronzes by Alan Cottrill of notable professional golfers and original works by Glenna Goodacre, Wendy Taylor, Bradley Cooley and Prince Monyo.

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