Does Falling Rock have connected rooms or suites?

Answers from Our Experts (2)

Separate-but-connected guest rooms and suites can come in handy when you’re traveling to Falling Rock with a large family, group of friends or business associates and don’t want to walk to another floor or to the other side of the hotel to see them. Each of the four available suites at this luxury hotel connects to balcony rooms, which contain two queen-size beds or one king-sized bed.
This hotel also features a number of king guest rooms that connect to double guest rooms. If outdoor space is absolutely crucial to you, keep in mind that some of these connecting rooms come with the added square footage, but not with the extra balcony.

All four of our suites at Falling Rock connect to balcony rooms. The three King Suites all connect to rooms with two queen size beds and the Double Suite connects to a Balcony King guestroom. Falling Rock also has a number of king guestrooms that connect to double guestrooms. Please note that connecting rooms a will either both have a balcony or both be luxury rooms with no balcony but added square footage.

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