What are five things to know about Falling Rock?

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If you’re headed to Southwestern Pennsylvania for a stay at Falling Rock, we have a few tips for you. Here are five things we think you should know:

1. After the last round is played at Mystic Rock golf course, the men’s locker room goes co-ed. No ordinary locker room, Falling Rock’s is a fully loaded hangout, with a pool table, arcade games, dining area and own balcony. Order up a drink or snack and take a look around.

2. The property is sprawling. While Falling Rock is a small hotel, the resort it sits on is huge. Nemacolin Woodlands Resort covers 2,000 acres, and some of the best amenities — like Woodlands Spa and the Lautrec restaurant — are about a mile and a half from Falling Rock. It’s easy to get around, though — a fleet of complimentary shuttles can pick you up and drop you off anywhere on the property.

3. The hotel used to be closed in the winter... but not anymore. Now, you'll have to choose whether to spend a winter getaway at the hotel or Nemacolin's Chateau Lafayette, which is another popular holiday option.

4. Pets have their own playground. The luxury hotel doesn’t allow pets to stay in the hotel, but Nemacolin has a boarding facility — Nemacolin Woodlands Resort — where four-legged friends can stay. Pets are allowed on the Nemacolin’s resort grounds, which are a good place for a long walk.

5. Think twice before bringing the family. Falling Rock tells potential guests that the hotel is best for adults, but kids aren’t banned. The upscale hotel is small and quiet, but we don’t see why well-behaved children couldn’t fit in — the downstairs Aqueous restaurant is especially kid-friendly. Nemacolin Woodlands Resort is a great destination for kids, so if you’re worried about bringing the kids, you can always stay at Chateau Lafayette, the larger hotel at the center of the resort.

Here are five things you should know about Falling Rock:

1. Falling Rock evolved from the desire of Joseph A. Hardy, Founder of Nemacolin Woodlands Resort, to have a resort clubhouse to support the professional golfers that would be staying on property during the PGA tour’s 84 Lumber Classic. In fact, it was in January of 2003 that Hardy was first quoted to saying “We ought to have a clubhouse.” By August of 2004, Falling Rock was open. The initial plan of a 15,000 square-foot clubhouse quickly progressed into the reality of a 92,000 square-foot world-class boutique hotel. Many accredit Hardy’s ambition and tenacity for accomplishing such a feat.

2. Falling Rock was inspired by the works and concepts of Frank Lloyd Wright. The hotel was designed in 2003 by architect, David Merritt, who studied Wright’s architecture at Taleisin West in Arizona. The Pennsylvania Laurel Highlands have long been an architectural travel destination as the area features numerous architectural works, including the world-famous Fallingwater by the legendary Frank Lloyd Wright. Just twenty minutes from Falling Rock, Fallingwater was built for the Kauffman family of Pittsburgh in 1936. In 1953, Wright commissioned the Hagan home, known as Kentuck Knob just a few miles away.

3. Falling Rock offers 24-hour Butler Services which include drawing a bath for guests in our 210 gallon soaking tub to arranging private on-property transportation.

4. Falling Rock boutique hotel doubles as the Mystic Rock Golf Course Clubhouse and sits overlooking the 18th green of the course. The former site of the PGA Tour 84 Lumber Classic from 2003-2006.

5. While no guest is ever turned away at Falling Rock, the exclusive, secluded and luxurious experience that Falling Rock provides is best suited for couples and adults. If you choose to bring your children, be sure to ask your butler to draw them a special children’s bath, complete with rubber ducky and bubbles.

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