When was the last room renovation completed at Falling Rock?

Answers from Our Experts (2)

Falling Rock at Nemacolin Woodlands Resort has not undergone any significant renovations since it first opened its doors in 2004.
Even though it’s been more than eight years since any significant changes have been made to this luxury hotel, it still feels cool and contemporary. During your stay at Falling Rock you’ll be treated to a host of luxurious amenities and some of the most personalized service you’re likely to receive anywhere, including around-the-clock access to a personal butler available to do everything from shine your shoes and iron your clothes to bring you breakfast in bed and milk and cookies in the evening. 

Falling Rock is the newest of the Nemacolin Woodlands Resort’s six lodging options. The hotel began as a clubhouse concept by our resort’s founder, Joseph A. Hardy, in January of 2003 and was opened in August of 2004. For the convenience of our guests, Falling Rock’s fitness facility was updated with new equipment and amenities in 2010. Because every element of the hotel was custom designed around a central theme, the integrity of theme is rigorously maintained through continuous maintenance.

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