How old does my child have to be to dine at Lautrec?

Answers from Our Experts (1)

While Lautrec does not impose any age limitations on its diners, due to its formal and upscale nature, the restaurant is unmistakably suited for adults. If your young one is well-behaved in luxury restaurant settings and would have no foreseeable issues sitting through a meal that can last a few hours long, you’re welcome to bring your young one; though we must warn you, other parents might be a bit jealous of you. Despite its upscale vibe, the Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star restaurant does offer a kids’ menu, where your little one can choose between one- and four-courses — however, the restaurant might encourage kids to order from the main menu. Put simply, find a sitter. A meal at Lautrec is best enjoyed as a night out for adults and is one you’ll want to savor without any distractions, however adorable they might be.

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